Work moves to the back garden

Now that the front garden is mostly completed it is time to give thought to the back which, in our case, lies between the house and the village lane.

Over the past year some work has been done removing unwanted shrubs and debris leaving the garden sparser but a bit untidy.

So now it is a bit of tidy up time to prepare to set it out for landscaping – and this will take up the next couple of years.

In October the new garden room was installed providing the first feature and focal point – pictures of base prepared ready and then the room installed:

GardenRoomPrepGardenRoomInstalledThis has now been trimmed with some decking and plants and improved foot access down from the houseespecially making it easier in winter rain when mud has made it difficult so far – more pictures another time.

This week, apart for a number of small matters work has been on three areas with help from Pat, Jan’s friend and client in Bristol, who is staying with us for a couple of weeks.

The first is the area beside the large sycamore tree.

WhiteDaffsApril2005This was initially cleared and planted with several dozen whit daffodils in a crescent round the tree.

This year’s display, left, was magnificent though it became clear, as the flowers faded, that weed clearance, tidying and grass reseeding was needed.  This is now underway with seed sown and the ground being raked and 2015TheDaffodilBedTydyingready for another covering of compost to put good nutrients back into the soil and promote another crop of wonderful daffodils next spring.

The rose climbing up the tree [David Austin’s ‘Wedding Day’]  is growing vigorously now reaching into the branches promising an even  greater display next year.

Pat’s task was to save seed from the many Nigella [Love in a Mist] related to the buttercup this sky-blue, disc-like flower appears on upright stems with wispy-tipped foliage from midsummer.

Rupert, as always, appears keen to help

As an annual it grows from seed that it drops each year.

These plants are in an area in front of the house to be cleared so we are gathering the seeds to re-sow them elsewhere in the garden.


The third area is a task that will take a while to complete. The stretch of land that goes from our bedroom window towards the road alongside the fence and hedge dividing us from our neighbour.

This is going to be an avenue of trees with subtle under lighting and planting

2015ClearingSideAreaMuch more clearing has been done than id obvious, especially clearing stubborn shrubs, bramble and stubborn weeds.

The fence was a very scruffy mix that has been cleared and temporarily patched to deter the cats next door; the plan is horizontal panels to reflect the garden room and painted in a vibrant colour as a backdrop to the planned trees.

Many of the remaining plants will be lifted in the autumn for replanting elsewhere.

This is by far the largest garden area in a total third of an acre so I shall clearly be busy.