Who says electric cars are not fast?

An electric car, powered by four motors and a 6.62kWh battery, has become the world’s fastest accelerating vehicle – faster than a Formula One race car.

Developed by students at Germany’s University of Stuttgart, the GreenTeam E0711-5 electric car beat the previous record by 0.006 seconds. After several attempts, driver Priska Schmid, a student at the university, set the record time during tests at the Jade Weser Airport in north west Germany.

The vehicle, which weighed just 168kg, managed to hit 100km/h (62mph) within 30 metres. Their vehicle produces a power to weight ratio of 1.6kg/kW. By comparison Formula 1 racing cars produce 1kg/kW and the Bugatti Veyron produces 2.08kg/kW.

The car has been developed by 40 students to help them compete at the Formula Student Electric competition which challenges students to build a single seat race car to compete against teams from around the world.

The competition is due to be held in Hockenheim in Germany later this summer.

Watch it go – here