Who for the next PM – that must interest us all

parliament-logoShortIf, like me, you are not a Tory do bear in mind that the party’s vote is for Britain’s next PM – and that must interest us all.

So, to start, I declare that I would prefer TMay-ToryTheresa May – a tough cookie who, I hope, will also be able to deliver fair policies for the less advantaged.

We need the right person to take us through the next two or three years!!  http://www.tmay.co.uk/

I will post and tweet to support this candidate whom I feel is most acceptable – a more positive way to appproach politics today.

Tim_FarronIt is THEN my hope to see Tim Farron up front at the next general election – http://www.libdems.org.uk/lib_dems_pledge_to_take_britain_back_into_europe

One thing we must all have learned from last week is that if you don’t participate you can’t gripe about the outcome.