Where next – home energy

Now that we have our new wood burner creating lots of warmth we need to consider what next?

At least we now use less oil and that benefit has been improved by the current price. I have just had conformation, though ComFirst that the price this time will be 32.48p per litre. This time last year it was 52.5p – that saves me over £189.

Of course we still need to remove dependency and use of fossil fuels like this but at least for now we can have a bit of a smile when we pay for it.

So, oil price aside we must think about what we do next. Our electricity bill is not to great and our timber house apparently is not good for PV panels – seems the cedar roof is not good for that let alone that whilst we face south we have a massive Sycamore tree in the way.

So our thoughts are turning to heat pumps – ground source probably. Prices for this technology are falling so by the time we have raised more cash we may well do this – and total cost is crucial because to make it viable we need to convert CH/hot water to an electric boiler.

That means we now start research and costing.