Wedding Re-visited

GoldenWeddingRingsAtValentine80On Sunday we went back to St Peter’s in Kineton where we were married 24 years ago to the day. We arrived back from honeymoon to find that Jan had a buyer for her cottage. I had already sold my house and had moved into our new home in Bristol several weeks earlier.

StPetersKinetonWe wondered how the church may have changed; not the building as that was already 700 years old but the people – would we still know anyone or the service – our vicar had long retired.

Well the congregation was still good and very friendly and the new vicar, Barry, was warm in welcoming us. What was also nice was the band and the choir, a female trio. The communion service felt very sharing and full of such deep faith that was easy to slip into and thoroughly enjoy the hour.

After the service we stayed for coffee and a chance to chat with others there. One or two shared memories of the time Jan lived in the village. And I had a moment to talk to the clarinetist in the all female ensemble; we will go back celebrate our marriage again next year …. and I might take my clarinet.