Watch the deals

Not for the first time I noticed that the best deal for a product was the least likely on the shelves.

This morning, in Sainsbury, I wanted some Chicken Stok Pot. I used to make most of my stock but the time and effort was a bit much when I consider the quality of these. So I buy Stock Pots and drop on into the water or sauces when I need the flavouring.

Being almost out of chicken, this variety it was on my list.

I normally buy the larger box with eight in a box for £2:40; but checking the smaller box of four I notices an offer of two for £2:00. Buying the same quantity in two smaller boxes saved me 40p. This is not the first time I have come across this type of pricing so a keen eye on deals is worth having as I have noticed many strange anomolies over recent years.