Time to run low on power

With most of my journeys local and short I have rarely gone below 40% on battery charge. I did do the 100+ miles round journey to Slimbridge and had a great charge experience at the new Gloucester Services.

So range anxiety for me has not been a problem.

But last weekend my wife’s car wouldn’t start so she kept using mine. When I went out yesterday I realised just how much had been used and on my return found myself calculating distances.

All I needed to do was cut out one not very important trip and I was home with power to spare. Having been diligent in watching the meter it was clear to me that anyone most accustomed to driving and ICE would not think to watch this. After all the red warning light would come on and a trip to a smelly petrol pump resolves the problem.

Est 13 miles left on the clock
Est 13 miles left on the clock

I had never felt the need to explain how to charge and the routine of plug in when the car rests at home.  But, at least, it showed how we can both take the car out at will and, if connected when not in use, is always available.



ICE – Internal Combustion Engine