The Rehearsal Challenge

Saturday at 2pm the TfO Concert Band assembled and Little Witley village hall to rehearse some of the new pieces ready for our first performance of 2015.

It’s a good group and as we assemble and get our seats and stands in place there is alCTOatElgarMuseumso a good feeling of being amongst friends. There were six of us on clarinet. Two on ‘first’ were teachers, on second I shared with Ceris who’d been playing since very young and just read the music as you and I would read a page in a child’s book.

My friend Lucy, with whom we publish the bi-monthly TfO News magazine, is on trumpet. Her section was minus a good musician, so that put her on the spot a bit. Lucy has early experience but took a break for a while – I wonder what difference it would have made had I learned earlier – well at least a few years before 65!!

This ‘first run through’ is always a challenge and a bit scary for me. Firstly, most of the musicians are very experienced and skilled, some being teachers ,the music reflects their skill level – grade 6+ and mostly 8+.

Now, for my 4 and crusty 5, the music is a stretch. However, being so pleased to be allowed to play in such a great band, I know that I must work hard and that a first run through session will have it’s moments. Wrong notes and stumbled phrases being the least of them.

But, then, I remember back to March last year when I joined and had to ask the conductor if I could sit out a couple of pieces because I just didn’t see how I could play them. Well, this time I didn’t have to do that but there were the problems; my biggest problem is the tempo, So, rehearsal one over and, after the [easier] TfO Community Band rehearsal next Sunday, I will have three weeks of diligent practice to make progress for rehearsal two.

Some of the pieces in the likely repertoire are OK for me now; a couple still need work and one is a brand new piece that is worrying me a bit at the moment. But there is one very good saying. ‘Feel the fear and do it anyway’. So right!!