The Oil Fails to Arrive

Just as I get organised to deal with washing up without a diswasher and a blocked sink the promised oil for the central heating fails to arrive – we run out and have not ch heating nor hot water.

We had a call ten days ago say delivery planned in for next week. I knew we were very low but that would be OK. But, come Thursday and no sign of the oil tanker; I call the supplier to find they had changed planes and delivery will be next week.

I can’t last ’til next week I complained but was told earlier not possible. I came back from shopping Friday morning to discoer we had rund our – no oil in the tank and weekend guests expected.

Fortunately we have a great new log buning stove installed a month before Christmas so, with a couple of fan heaters we can keep the house warm. But no chance of hot water at the tap – we find that the immersion heater that we have not had a need for since moving in four years ago, doesn’t work.

We have to get through the weekend and hope that all gets better when we get oil on Monday and the new dishwasher on Thursday.

And the clocked drain – still blocked. We have inherited some crazy waste plumbing and the only answer to this is to cut out 24 inches and fix the problem; another job for next week!