The Leaf Goes to WWT

Yesterday we decided to go to Slimbridge.

wwt_logoWhen we lived in Bristol we were members and frequently visited the wetlend centre.

But it had been five years since our lst visit do we were keenly looking forward to seeing what had changed and to enjoy time amongst the birds and nature.

To comemorate this we decided that our journey should be green and we would go electric in our beautiful Leaf.

The only matter needing dgloucesterservicesecision was that the distance put the car to the test so we decided to charge part way and have the option to charge again on the way home if needed.

The ideal place to do this would be the new Gloucester services on the M5.

We arrived to find the four EV* charging spaces installed by the Electric Highway – a division or Ecotricty fom Stoud, just a few miles away. These spaces accomodate the differnt charging equipment – EV charging is varies by make and a universal standard has not been agreed.

So, parking in the Nissan bay, we connected and set to charge whilst we went to have lunch.

At last someone has revolutionised the motorway services experience serving delicious local food and incorporating a food hall.

WWT was as memorable as ever and wth the sun shining mid February is was a great day out. And the Leaf arrived back home with plenty of power remaining. The charging was free so the cost of our trip to Slimbridge was zero for fuel – nice one!!


* Electric Vehicle