TfO Community Band Final Before Concert

TFOlogoYesterday (Sunday 8 March) morning our Community Band assembled for the final rehearsal for the upcoming April Concert.


Whilst our regular conductor (James – principle horn with the ESO) was away on tour in Germany we had the pleasure of working with David who has a long career working with wind bands as well as teaching amongst many other music endeavours.

Being a performance-ready rehearsal we were put through our quavers with attention to such detail that would have us ready to play the best. This band, with a number of young players, will play Ghostbuster; Scooby-Doo (Fast Rock) ; Cavatina (lots of long notes to hold very steady); Happy (frenetic)

The Community Band will share the platform with the TfO Concert Band and will play four pieces. By the end of that two hour session most of us felt we had worked as hard as we ever had as a new ensemble and we felt clear about the individual pieces of practice we needed to do to play our part at St Edmunds Hall in Malvern.

There will be a short run through on the day for James to be sure he is happy with the band.

That now just leaves the TfO Concert Band to do the same. Ed will lead our rehearsals on the 28th March and 4th April with a larger programme of great film music. We will then also have a Concert Band run through on the day of the concert following on from the Community Band session.

In the Concert Band we will play How to Train Your Dragon; Hawaii Five-O; New York, New York (Great Swing); Braveheart; Mission Impossible; Eye of the Tiger; The Incredibles; and, as if we didn’t need a challenge, Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machine.

So, come the 11th April, as I play in both bands, I shall need to ensure that my mouth will stand several hours clarinet playing on the day.

And once that is all over another Concert Band rehearsal 2nd May for the concert eight days later at the Swan Theatre in Worcester where we (both bands) will also share with the young String Orchestra and our lead ensemble, the full TfO Orchestra.

The Play List for April 11 at Malvern