Tesla’s Next Goal: Transform How We Get Electricity

On 1st May Elon Musk announced the launch of Tesla Energy – a day we may look back on years from now as when the renewable energy revolution really took off.

Why is this such a watershed development?

“I think in the near future, having a battery in your home will be as normal as having a water heater or a dishwasher. This takes us one step closer to being able to power homes completely without the use of fossil fuels,” says Jason Ballard, President of TreeHouse, a green home improvement store that sells Powerwall.

“Powerwall Home Battery” is a lithium battery that inconspicuously hangs on a garage (or outdoor) wall. Tesla has succeeded in designing a battery that’s powerful yet small and affordable.

“You can order it now,” Musk says, “it comes in different colours.”

It can take a house with rooftop solar off the grid or be used as a backup during power outages, and of course charge electric cars.

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FotGreenPoundWould you keep investment in energy companies or start thinking about the potential impact of this?