Railway Modelling – getting started

Time to get back to a hobby planned half a century ago but abandoned due to a time consuming job and family commitments.

Since that time Railway Modelling has come such a long way to a sophisticated creative form where modellers are creating such realistic layouts and use computer technology to drive the whole system.

First I have to build my workshop with space to hold my layout and and construction on that has started




In the meantime I can use odd moments to start creating models to use in my set up.


The first is a canal with a narrowboat, bridge and lock.

The idea is to have a viaduct to take trains across the canal at the back.


My other idea, if I can get anywhere close to it, is to replicate Great Malvern Station;

I fear I shall miss out on some of the beautiful detail but I shall do my best using that lovely station as a motivator.

I have the map of the station to guide me:

The station will be more into the foreground and, if I can do it justice, a key feature of the layout.

This is a careful, long-term project.