Supercharging Development of Electric Vehicles in China

China is entering a new phase of economic development, with a focus on achieving more sustainable growth.

MapChinaFaster adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) is widely seen as an effective way to reduce China’s growing dependence on imported oil, relieve pollution in congested urban areas, and help domestic OEMs and suppliers to gain a competitive edge over their stronger international rivals.

There are clear and significant benefits for China in developing EVs – for its environment, its local automotive industry, and its aspiring car buyers.

[Consider the impact on so much if China moves rapidly to EVs – impact upon the traditional car market, demand for fossil fuels and impact on the middle east, etc? China can make change in a way western democracies cannot]

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Alexander Dennis Limited (ADL), based in Larbert, near Falkirk, has entered a joint venture agreement with Chinese firm BYD on the back of the UK state visit by Chinese president Xi Jinping.

The initial contract will see the manufacture of 200, 12-metre (40ft) single deck buses a year, representing turnover of around £660 million over the next 10 years.

They are also in discussions to extend their alliance to include double decker buses which could triple the deal to almost £2 billion.

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