Ru to Beauty Parlor in a Leaf

Every month, our wonderful Tibetan Terrier, goes to Half Key kennels in Malvern to have his hair done.

Four-years-old Rupert has a thick coat suitable for guarding the herds and herders in the foothills of Tibet mountains. It is a coat of wool, one very soft, cotton wool like, under coat and a longer top coat – the two giving real protection against the cold in winter.

Ru-inLeaf-400aIt is a coat that doesn’t malt so it needs regular trimming and combing through; otherwise it could knot up and tangle. I brush and comb him from time to time and then, each month, it is off in the Leaf for the professional touch and a trim.

Travelling in the back he has a thick soft mat which jumps up onto enthusistically and he is safe and secure for the journey.


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