Ru, the Happy Tibby, finds an intruder

Rupert is the most sociable and happy dog I have ever known. We got Ru early in 2011, just a few weeks old; he is a beautiful Tibetan Terrier and we nurtured him from the start with security, comfort, love and training.

RuAndChris2014The Tibby coat is wool that needs regular combing and trimming so, like the Old English, be prepared for some maintenance work if you have one. Two benefits are that it doesn’t shed hairs all over the place and it is generally OK for mild asthmatics.

Tibbys are, by nature, great family dogs. The breed is also good as a guard dog with a bark that explodes and leaves you in no doubt he means business. But, with those he knows he is fun, playful, intelligent and very sociable.

Rupert loves cats; he wants to play with them but cannot seem to understand that, if you run up to a cat it will run off; that causes Ru to run faster in the direction of the cat and before long the cat’s owner complains that Ru is chasing their cat!

And so we have the situation of our neighbour’s cat coming into our back garden. The first time Ru went bounding over and the cat shot up our big spreading sycamore tree. Ru paraded round and round but the cat remained in situ until we decided enough was enough and called Ru into the house. The cat made a quick getaway whilst he had the chance.

A few weeks later the cat demonstrated how much they learn and came into the garden and found himself on the wrong side of our Tibby if he wanted a quick exit. Clearly excited at the prospect of getting a new friend to stay and play, Ru bouded across and the par were soon rolling over and over.

Perhaps I should say at this point that a Tibetan Terrier is a very fast sprinter; on dog training walks he would take of with the young whippet in a race across the field. Sadly the whippet also had staying power and before long outpaced Rupert.

2015May-SquirellCloseup And so, at breakfast this morning, we saw a squirrel come into the garden – not a common event. Rupert was at the door a spotted it soon taking off to say hello – or whatever greeting a dog should give such an animal.

By the time Ru had got to the tree the squirrel had disappeared and he spent ages sniffing round the tree occasionally looking up in the hope of spotting him.

2015May-RuHuntsASquirrelRu went back to the tree a couple of times during the day possibly hoping to find the rodent.

I’m sure there  must be a Pooh bear type ending to this story but I’ll leave it to you to decide that.