Retirement incomes 27% lower

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While the total amount of money being saved into personal pensions has surpassed the pre-financial crisis high, the retirement incomes that are being delivered are still 27% lower than in 2008, according to Moneyfacts research.
New 2015/16 estimates from HMRC show that personal pension contributions have now surpassed their 2007/08 peak, while personal pension membership is also at a record high.
However, the Moneyfacts data shows that today’s retirees are still receiving significantly less retirement income than similar individuals who retired at the height of the financial crisis in October 2008.
Of course, old final salary schemes for those fortunate to have such high grade pension schemes from government, local authority or some major corporations will be handsomely supporting their retirees – but they are not the majority of the over 60s
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