Power trains by Dutch windmills?

The Dutch rail network will run entirely on renewable wind energy by 2018.

DutchWindmillThis development comes from a new contract signed by power company Eneco and VIVENS, an energy procurement cooperative. VIVENS is a joint venture comprising Netherlands Railways (NS), Veolia, Arriva, Connexxion and rail freight firms. Eneco will supply 1.4TWh of electricity for the rail system .

That 1.4TWh of electricity for the rail system, said Turner, is equivalent to the amount consumed by all households in Amsterdam and is to come from wind farms. The farms are in the process of coming on-stream. Half of them are in the Netherlands, and the remainder are in Belgium and Scandinavia.

A train would be pulled by conventional diesel-run engines while solar panels would provide electricity needs for lights and fans on both AC and non-AC coaches.

Andrew Wade, senior reporter for The Engineer, further explained that “Trains would still of course require diesel-run engines for locomotion, but the current plan is for solar to take on the lighting and cooling load. One report has claimed that a train using solar power could cut diesel consumption by up to 90,000 liters per year, reducing CO2 emissions by over 200 tons.”

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