Phishing scam

18th February, an email was received purporting to be fromHMRC Tax Credit Office, Preston” asking me to download an attached form to reclaim tax supposedly owed to me to an amount of several thousand pounds. The form was to be submitted and a waiting time of a week to 10 days was to be allowed for “processing”.

Knowing that I am due no such reclaim, I was suspicious and also noted a few small spelling mistakes in the email.

This was clearly a “Phishing” attempt and I have therefore reported it to *Action Fraud” and forwarded the email to the appropriate site before deleting the message and the attachment.

Please be aware of this Phishing scam and on no account open the attachment or comply with the instructions.

neighbourhoodwatchThis message has been shared with you on behalf of
David Hurst NW Coordinator Wychavon