Nissan Leaf battery more reliable

It’s incredible how many cynics there are when you go for something new and innovative.

One of the more regular comments I got when choosing to go electric was about the unreliability of batteries and how expensive these would be for me.

My response was that I had already owned an ICE* car that needed an all new engine after seven years quoted to cost £5,000 to replace; so a new battery after that time would be no worse.

NISSANLEAF300Now, with 35,000 Leafs now on the road in Europe and 165,000 world wide, Nissan are able to give some facts –

It says:

NISSAN is claiming its all-electric Leaf has 99.99% of its battery units remaining entirely fit for purpose after five years on the road.

Just three of the 35,000 Leafs sold in Europe since launch have suffered failed battery units – a fraction of the equivalent industry-wide figure for defects affecting traditional petrol or diesel engines.

Jean-Pierre Diernaz, director of electric vehicles for Nissan in Europe, said:

The facts speak for themselves. The rate of Nissan Leaf battery faults is negligible, even the most ardent critic cannot argue with that.

Added to that I don’t need to worry about fuel pumps, another issue I have had, nor gear box problems . . . could go on.

My only hope is that Nissan will be able to offer existing Leaf owners a new longer range battery before we reach that 5 years point – and then I may feel compelled to change!

* ICE = Internal Combustion Engine