NHS in Crisis

I have posted this on FB and distributed it on Twitter.
This may seem to be a small problem in the wealth of NHS problems — until you look a little deeper and see how potentially seriously this could impact upon services and care.

My lovely friend is a nurse; she and colleagues have been telling me about nurses not being able to park at the Worcester hospital.
Now, what business forbids a key group of workers permission to park at work?
And if the group works unsociable hours and the [predominately] females have to catch buses to get to their cars and then home how on earth can we accept this?
The nurses are even disciplined for parking at their place of work. Yet student doctors have no such problem.
We have a crisis in the NHS and this sort of behaviour only exacerbates it – imagine the effect of an exodus of good nurses [at a time we may also face a possible Brexit ban on nurses from abroad] just because –
a: we can’t find space for them to park near their work
b: they are abused by management when the do
This needs a bit of publicity.