New TfO Wind Band

After a strong year with increasing interest in the TfO family the Concert Band is being divided into two new bands.

The ‘new’ Concert Band will be for advanced players who want more challenging music; this band will perform the more prestigious TfO concerts.

The new TfO Wind Band will be for intermediate musicians playing music from TV and films and plan its own concerts through the year.

Monthly rehearsals will be on the third Saturday each month and the first rehearsal of this new Wind Band will be this week – Saturday 23 May at Blakedown Parish Rooms, Blakedown, Kidderminster, DY10 3JG.

Just turn up and you will be very welcome: see the events pages here. There is plenty of room for more musicians.

If you like us and the music we play, membership is just £15pa.

Update 23rd May 2015

We came together at Blakedown today; about three dozen of us, some from existing TfO groups and some new members sharing with us for the fist time.

What really pleased me was to find two young musicians from the Community Band with whom I also play clarinet.
clarinethorizAnd they came all the way from Malvern

This was our first play through with new pieces and they were of the same standard that the prior TfO Concert band had been playing – the challenging music for most of us and exciting to work on. Most exciting was that the sound was possibly even better that we’d played previously so all bodes well for a great band.

The standard is intended to be grades 4-7; grade 4 players will be stretched but capable of playing and learning. And, I suspect, many grade 8 musicians will still find this a fun band to play with as it develops.

Join us. Next rehearsal will be 3pm Saturday 20th June. You can just turn up and try us – or contact TfO for more details

TfO Wind Band :
Blakedown Parish Rooms, Belbroughton Road, Blakedown, DY10 3JG

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