My range seems to be improving

In my last post My First 3 Months in a Leaf I talked about my change in driving habit – a change that intuitively I expected to reduce my driving range.

NISSANLEAF300Interestingly, after a full charge at the weekend, I found my dial predicting a range of 100 miles – several more than I had ever had before. Given that this is prediction based on driving style perhaps  abandonning the B setting and using my own ‘skill’ in good economy driving has produced a better outcome.

I tested this over a couple of days by noting the predicted range and then monitoring actual miles driven against the corresponding change in the remaining range,

On one occasion the prediction increased my range as I drove indicating, I guess, that I was driving even more economically that before. I watch the dial on my top panel that shows how my driving is impacting upon the battery and that helps me to manage acceleration and uphill motoring. But, overall, I suspect that other drivers feel that I am a steady driver but not a very slow one.

Now, 100 miles from a full charge is special. It gets me into the heart of Bristol – 70 miles away, for example, with energy remaining in the battery; and that city has plenty of re-charging options that make the return journey easy, not to mention two Ecotricity service areas on the motorway.

I am not yet sure that I would be comfortable with a longer journey unless I could be sure of being able to charge at around 70 miles maximum. But if the 100 appears consistent perhaps my confidence will grow!!