My Leaf – even more adventurous

IMG_5688aAnother Thursday to go to see my daughter; this time all the way to her home near Milton Keynes.

According to my journey planner it would be 87 miles; with 2015Sept24-WarwickServicesa trip out to a pub for lunch the outward journey would be over 100 miles so I planned a stop at Warwick services on the M40 where the Ecotricity charger was just waiting for me.

I had travelled 51 miles …

… and had a predictive2015Sept24Guage 51 left to go.


I knew I would be wise to charge again early on my howeward journey so I just stopped long enough to get to my destination and back again to Warwick services later.

In the event luch was a nice relaxed trip to Stony Stratford and country ride back to Emma’s home.

So, when I started on my homeward journey it seemed that was unlikely to reach Warvick services.

The only option, then, was Cherwell where there is just one charger and only on allocated space. And when I arrived a leaf was charging with a plug in hybrid Outlander waiting alogside.

Pulling in behind the red Leaf there was soon the usuall friendly conversation that marks the shared top up.

2015Sept24-CherwellServicesThe owner of the red leaf was David whose was out on business as an architectural and drone photographic specialist and it wasn’t long before we were pouring over and admiring drones, some of which were designed and built by David.

It is a wonderful feature of EV charging that we meet interesting and friendly people which makes charging more of a social event than you ever get at a smelly petrol pump.

David’s business is Horizon Imaging and he is at twitter48

Waiting for my two travelling contacts to charge I was hooked up in less than 40 minutes and was also fully charged and on my way little more than 30 minutes later.

Next time I go to see my daughter I’ll take an extension lead and put the car on drip charge from her house – as the well known ad says ‘every little helps’ and a lot of power can be taken on board through the day like this, a little at every stop.

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