Motorists face £20 fine leaving engines idling – except EVs

Motorists face £20 fine if they leave their engine idling; but not drivers of

electric vehicles.

More than 100 officials will be deployed in two London boroughs by May with scores more councils around the country expected to follow suit as they scramble to meet strict European environmental targets.

The fines, which rise to £40 if not paid within 28 days, are intended to be a ‘last resort’ if drivers refuse to turn off their vehicles.

Motorists outside school gates, on shopping runs or waiting to pick people up at stations are likely to be hit by the clampdown, which is aimed at those who leave their engines idling after pulling over rather than motorists stuck in traffic or at red lights.

Other councils around the country are also likely to start enforcing the ‘stationary idling offence’, which was quietly introduced by the Government in 2002.

I am smiling because I can’t leave the engine running in my Leaf – I don’t have an engine. In fact, waiting in a queue doesn’t consume fuel or emit polution – come join the electric revolution; no road tax and no fines for idling!


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