Malvern – The Conservators Say NO

The proposal to build a cable car on the Malvern Hills has sparked a great debate.

On Thursday, 12th Feb the Conservators rejected the proposal 21-0. The Company behind the scheme says it will try to find a way around the objections.

This project would have a massive impact upon Great Malvern and the surrounding area and we would like to know what you think.

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Malvern Hills Cable Car Survey What Do You Think?

I can understand the Conservators, but . . . there are many people who cannot access the hills for mobility or health constraints.  This is not just wheelchair but people who don’t normally use mobility aids but would simply find it impossible to climb to the top.

These days with much more concern for accessability for all, what other option is there that is acceptable and will work?  Time has come to get a go ahead. Now.

Best of Malvern