London Buses Go Electric

London bus route 312 which will become the first route in London to be operated entirely by electric buses.
TfL-electricBus350There are currently two Optare MetroCity electric single-deck buses on route 312.

They have been used as an initial test to establish whether the technology could stand up to the rigours of an intense urban environment.

Passengers will notice that pure electric buses offer much lower noise and vibration levels compared to diesel vehicles, with the bus operating company benefiting from lower maintenance and running costs.

These buses have zero tail pipe emissions, resulting in lower carbon emissions and improved air quality.
Arriva is considering adding a further seven electric buses to the route. A date for the route 312’s conversion will be confirmed later this year.

TfL Director of Buses, Mike Weston, says: “This is an exciting new milestone for our bus fleet, which is already one of the cleanest in Europe.

“We currently have eight electric buses in our fleet and as this number grows we are learning more about this new technology.”