Local Democracy – Broadwas & Cotheridge

It only requires one evening each month for 11 months each year. No need for additional involvement, the committee work is voluntary, to become a Parish Councillor.

You chose Broadwas and Cotheridge as a home for your family. The community leaders – your representatives – are failing to deliver value and should be challenged.

As an example ; the Community owns the Village Hall, it’s our most valuable asset and its being wasted. Instead of being a centre for the community it’s locked and unused most of the time.

Just one in ten of you could force and election and it would take just three people to come forward for a guaranteed place on the Parish Council.

The villages are not filled with the elderly but with by families, who currently don’t get represented. Think what it would take for you to change our community so that it works for you.

Ask for an application to the Parish Council and make a difference.
Contact Sharon the Parish Clerk or one of the current Parish Councillors.