Liberal Democrats to make Britain zero carbon by 2050

This year the outcome for the General Election in the UK is so wide open that prediction is a fool’s game.

Smaller parties may well hold the keys to who govern’s Britain so it is worth contemplating our votes on the basis of issues that really matter to us.

As you probably know, I am keen on green issues and  [effective] solutions. It isn’t a fad that we now have an electric car and do all we can to recycle and up-cycle. And, in my work, ethical and sustainable investing are top of my interests.

So this article caught my eye. Will this persuade me . . .

Liberal Democrats are prioritising green issues and the environment in the next election by putting these concerns at the front of our election proposal.

The Lib Dems have set to make plans to end UK’s impact on climate change as an attempt to make Britain zero carbon by 2050 and double their current production of renewable electricity by the next Parliament.

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