Join the Tribe

I love my political affiliation, love being a democrat, care about seeing our country thriving together – not swinging right and then left and each time wasting resources and causing strife.

Many times I have argued that the party should not campaign on personalities and use critical comment of other parties.

We need to talk about what sort of society we would like and persuade people to share our ambitions for a better Britain.

Politics has become so tribal again in Britain. After a great period when everyone sought to work in the middle ground; a time when a change of party in government was not a lurch from one extreme to the other, and good policies were not scrapped overnight to be replaced with the new mantra, all has gone back to extremes.

The Tories have lurched to the right over Brexit and any notion of fair play envisaged with Cameron has evaporated. Brexit feeds the fears of the sadly disadvanteged and the greed to the wealthy who should benefit – guess which group will benefit and which will just become even poorer?

Labour has collapsed under the weight of extreme socialism and ideology that may lead to the ills that dogged them in the latter 19th Century – leaving, after losing the election, and economy in a mess and no cash in the coffers for the incoming administration.

If the LibDems are to succeed and bring at least some level of sanity they need to be prepared to rethink politics. In this tribal world they need an image that peoiple will want to belong to – a clear ‘this is what/who we are, come in and share our dreams and aspirations; we will make our wold wonderful together.

No doubt Vince and his senior colleagues and advisers understand this better than me. I fear that the local party still thinks in old ways and clings to formulae that are no longer the best – or even relevant.

And I see them clutching at ideas and wondering what social media can do to propell them to success. Time to spend time communcating at a fairly personal and, for sure, friendly way encouraging people to ‘come and join our tribe’.

This means an end to sniping, criticising or, for that matter, even ecknowledging the other parties. Making the Tories sound like failing dictators or the Labour party incompetent lefties does not make the LibDems sound any better.

Talk not of what damage the Tories are doing to the NHS; talk of the wonderful service the LibDems will build with the help of member, a 1% tax increase and faith in the people interfacing patients rather than the managers many of whom could go if we trusted medical staff more.

The party does not need clever gimmicks or trying smart tricks. No need to keep angsting how social media is needed. Just good honest friendship and being clear about the benefit of LibDem plans.

The tribe is everyone pulling in the same direction as one. Everyone seeking a better out come together. A nice party that everone would love to be part of?