Jaguar Land Rover plans zero-emission electric vehicle

You know the importance of a market when the top end takes developments seriously.

TESLA’s involvement is exciting but, as a technology company rather than car manufacturer, it has less impact. Nevertheless Tesla produces very high end electric vehicles [EVs] and is pushed the technology to its limits.

But now we are hearing more from high end traditional car manufacturers and it seems that  Jaguar Land Rover may produce a zero-emission electric vehicle within a decade.

Smaller* cars like my Leaf will continue to evolve and be increasingly popular, especially in the area of battery range but the involvement of Jaguar, BMW, and others will have a major impact making true EVs mainstream.

This is an area that is especially important for manufacturers that do premium cars as in this class you can afford more sophisticated solutions that cost more money, but are not affordable in the mass market  . . . engineering director Dr Wolfgang Ziebart explained  . . .  hybrid drive will become the dominant drive train in the upper vehicle classes.   I cannot say too much but we are observing the market (electric vehicles) carefully

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* – as a five door hatchback it is not so small as others being comfortable for five adults and feeling quite spacious inside.

…. and at the other end …