It’s a Year Already

IMG_5688aIt was just before Christmas 2014 that I took delivery of my brand new Leaf. I could have left it a month and got the new 2015 registration but it was really a Christmas present from my wife so the 2014 car now was fine!

The pre-sale demo that the salesman gave us was a revelation. I had expected just a modest simple car but by the end of the trip out and a test drive I realised just what a special car this was.

We were planning to buy outright but when we were offered PCP at 0% it seemed to make sense. Paperwork all tidied and the car manufactured to order and delivered into Hylton Nissan in Worcester, I took delivery 22nd December.

The PCP was set up on an estimated 6,000 miles in a year and it seems my first year will be around 5,900. The car was exepected to be used for mainly short journeys but with trips to Milton Keynes and Bristol I still end the year within forecast.

Driving an EV has been a great experience. It is calmer, quieter, cheaper and still very comfortable with capacity for five people and a dog. Charging is just a simple routine – get home, plug it in. Time to go out, just unplug and go. And on long journeys there are plenty of places to stop for a coffee and give the car a ‘drink’ at the same time.

The Leaf is a different way of enjoying motoring coupled with the good feeling that it is zero emmissions.

glassesofbubbly100TRANSHere’s to another 12 months!