If They Spoil Your Name?

Jill Campbell has run the Isis Boutique in Malvern, for seven years. But she said people have been linking the store to Islamic State, which has killed hostages.

Some “very unpleasant” posts have been made on social media about the shop, which is named after the river in Ms Campbell’s home city, Oxford. She said some comments have been “quite upsetting”. “I have absolutely no sympathy with these monsters in Syria and it is for very innocent reasons that we chose the name,” she said.

So despite holding out for a while she was, eventually, forced to change the name of the shop for her own safety, and that of her staff – now called Juno Boutique.

So what will happen now that the French are calling these monstrous people Daish

There is Daish’s Holidays:  “Our family of hotels and luxury coaches has been providing great holidays since Jeanne Wilson bought Daish’s Hotel in 1979

Daish’s Holidays say they provide great value, relaxing holidays on the south coast, Isle of Wight and now North Wales.

Now that’s all very nice an innocent? Until some strange people in social media get them connected to the ISIS – or is it ISIL – lot.

DAISH (not Daesh, as is often spelt in the West) is the Arab acronym for Al-Dawlah Al-Islamiyah fe Al-Iraq wa Al-Sham (the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or Sham), for which the acronym is ISIL or ISIS, as was originally used by the group that now prefers to be called Khilafat, or Islamic State (or IS). The reason for the group’s insistence on using the term IS is because it wants to be recognised and respected as a sovereign, independent unit in the region and beyond. Its leadership under the self-styled khalif, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, wishes to promote this unit as borderless, encompassing not only the Muslim Middle East but also the entire Muslim world, and therefore attracting Muslims to support it and join it from wherever they are located.

When you next see items on TV, or read in the press, about these people give a thought to the unexpected outcomes of all this.