High pollution mainly from ‘ordinary’ cars

Parts of the UK could reach the highest level of air pollution later, amid health warnings for vulnerable people.

Warm, still conditions combined with traffic fumes, pollution from Europe and Saharan dust from the south have seen six regions head towards level 10.

It can have a more serious impact on health by being the trigger for a heart attack or by making asthma worse.

Even low levels of air pollution can harm the health of people who are particularly sensitive.

Today Friday pollution will hit “level 10” or “very high” – the highest category of air pollution in the UK.

What is meant by pollution?

Aside from the Sahara dust, the pollution is made up of various substances, including nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide and ammonia.

These form particles in the atmosphere. The two most common measurements are particulate matter measuring 2.5 micrometres or less, known as PM2.5; and larger particles measuring 10 micrometres, known as PM10.

PM2.5 particles are thought to be particularly damaging because they are so small, they can penetrate into the deepest parts of the lungs.

They come primarily from vehicle exhausts.

IMG_5688aSo – time to shout about EVs [as my Leaf has badged on the side]  Zero Emissions.

Just consider how much cleaner and safer all would be if we all went all-electric!