Have some fun on twitter

Have some fun on twitter – no need to get emotional or challenging – a few thoughts or facts and the amusement begins:

We advertised 4 a cleaner for our home
– £10 hour
No responses except one – a Polish lady
Thank goodness for EU free movement
Chris Oliff @Chris_Oliff
This is true – not propaganda – try getting a BRITISH cleaner – the Polish don’t suppress wages, they increase tax revenues

Leave wants protect EU grants if exit
Thought was only politicans gave lots money promises
Oh! they ARE politicians

It’s a once only vote? Not true
– if we REMAIN we have option to think & vote again later; only if we vote LEAVE will be final so if youy are really unsure Remain is a good option
@HBaldwinMP:  Option theory would definitely recommend voting ‪#‎Remain‬

Clive Wilcock Retweeted
Thats a joke, it was only from UKIP pressure that frightend Cameron, that we got the Referendum!
@SenorHonez: don’t agree. If EU are so desperate (as they make out) for us to remain, surely they’d re-welcome is with open arms
Chris Oliff
It’s not MY joke; if you want me to LEAVE I want a good reason – even one would help.
@clivewilcock Clive Wilcock Retweeted
Self Goverment for starters,proper control over who has entry & who we can boot out!
Chris Oliff —
I don’t think so – there’s just so much propaganda and expectation. If were that easy much could have been done no matter the EU