Getting to the top

When we were looking at where to live in this area the Malverns were high on my list. Sadly the word high also illustrates the problem for my wife. She has a back problem and steep slops are very hard for her. So even living in the town, just getting to the shops would be a problem.

Nevertheless we enjoy visits to the wonderful Malvern Theatre and Jan has also set up a Women’s Business Group in the town where she now has clients as an independent financial adviser.

But, after four years living here we have only one been on the hills and that was not very high above the car park; the views from the top are still to be enjoyed.

MalvernHillsCableCar300No surprise, then, that the proposal before the planning committee today for a cable car really interests us. The prospect that we could easily get to the top, take a walk on a sunny day and have an easy descent is exciting.

We will watch for the planning department’s decision later and hope that this gets the go ahead.

The original plan for a cable car from Great Malvern to the Worcestershire Beacon was first proposed by Conservators in January 1962. There was a need to improve access to the Hills for those people who would not normally be able to make the climb. There was also a need to attract more visitors to Great Malvern. The current proposal follows the same route as the 1962 plan from Rushey Valley to just below the Beacon.

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