Going Further for Music

When we bought the Leaf it was envisaged as a local run around to save keep taking out the Rover that was crucial for business – and to save on all the stop start costs of an ICE*.

IMG_5688aAnd, for this, it has proven so useful especially on cold mornings when a quick start is easy with no engine to have to warm up. The Leaf is also nippy and easy to park; and the reversing camera is a real help.

One of my main uses for my car is going to rehearsals and performances – I play clarinet in two local bands. However, the demand on the Leaf will be tested as the rehearsal venue for the main band has moved 27 miles away.

Now, a 54 miles round journey is no problem. In fact I think I could do an 85 miles round journey on just the one initial charge and get home without a flat battery if I take just a little care. But the issue will be when a band member says, ‘can you give me a lift after rehearsal to …”.

So I have made a note of the key charging points between home and rehearsal so that, if the need arrives, I can easily stop off for 15 minutes, if needed, to top up enough to complete the journey. There is a Nissan dealer in the area who will allow me free charging and a Waitrose also with a free charger in their car park.

greenpetrolnozzleOnGreenSo, clarinet and music stand packed, I don’t anticipate any problems going off to play just as I might in the Rover needing to find a petrol station when fuel is low.

The bonus is that I can also listen to my music in the quiet of the car as I travel, without noise from an engine! And the round journey will cost me little over a pound in ‘fuel’!

clarinet-horizICE * = what EV [Electric Vehicle] owners call a car with an Internal Combustion Engine.

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