EV rescues when ICE melts

When Jan needed to get our to an important lunch meeting yesterday it seemed like all would fail when the Rover failed to start. The problem wasn’t serious but sorting it would take a bit of time and that meant being late and, probably, missing the appointment.

IMG_5688aSo it was my Leaf to the rescue, starts instantly  and Jan was quickly on the road. What I so often fail to recall is how different it is to drive my car. I said to call me if there was any problem driving it; a couple of hours later my home phone rang but the line cleared as I picked up.

Later Jan confirmed it had been her calling because she couldn’t get the Leaf to start. That’s the issue with an EV, you don’t know that it’s started because there’s no engine, no noise, nothing that says it’s turned on. Press the start button and put you foot on the accelerator – that’s all you need. No fuss.

Fortunately the penny dropped fast and Jan was on the road again. Years of ICE indoctrinate makes you to want to hear an engine rumble when turning the ignition key.

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For sure, driving a  Nissan Leaf   is a special experience.

EV   electric vehicle
ICE internal combustion