EV Etiquette

Picture the scene: you set your plug-in car’s sat-nav to find the nearest charging station and head off, but when you get there someone is already using it. Don’t despair (and definitely don’t do anything to the car), because there’s a special system of etiquette to fall back on.

Ecotricity, the company that supplies fast-chargers for electric cars up and down the motorway network and supplies them with energy from renewable sources, has written a little guide to help EV drivers get along when it comes to charging.

The Ecotricity guide to EV Etiquette

1. Please don’t park petrol/diesel cars in charging bays designated for electric cars

It’s called “ICE-ing” – parking an Internal Combustion-Engined car (petrol, diesel or LPG) in designated electric vehicle charging bays. It’s never acceptable, no matter how crowded a car park gets.

2. Please don’t unplug another electric car while it’s charging

The basic rule of thumb at a charge point is first come, first served. Never remove a connector from another electric car during a charging session, as this may result in damage to the charger and/or car.

3. Please don’t hog a charger: charge up and move on

Electric Highway rapid chargers are designed to do exactly that – deliver a rapid charge – in no longer than 30 minutes. Charge up and let someone else use it.

4. Please do help fellow electric motorists to charge

If you arrive back at your car to find another EV driver has left a note & number, it’s good form to simply drop them a polite “Charge session completed, thanks” text.

5. Please do notify the charge point operator if a charge point has a fault

Most faults can be identified remotely by the Electric Highway team – but some, like vandalism, cannot. Please let us know, we can’t fix it if we’ve not been made aware.

6. Please do set a good example

Please be polite to all drivers – EV, hybrid or ICE. We are ambassadors for the uptake of electric vehicles.