Distraction Thefts

This is a watchword message from Gloucestershire Police.  I thought it prudent you are aware this type of distraction scam is still doing the rounds.

neighbourhoodwatchPlease remain vigilant when you are packing/unpacking your shopping.

In the past week Cheltenham has suffered a number of distraction thefts in supermarket car parks. This is part of a recent spate that have occurred county wide.

The ones in Cheltenham have occurred in
Sainsbury’s Gallagher, M&S Kingsditch and Tesco Colletts Dr.

The MO is offenders will approach members of the public as they are unloading their shopping into their vehicles. They will then ask for directions to a location. Once they have distracted the Victim  a second offender will steal items, in particular debit and cash cards.

Enjoy the sunshine, remain vigilant and stay safe.