Deutsche Post Builds Its Own Electric Delivery Van

deutschepostevansThe new vehicles (1,000 of them) are already deployed in various German cities (replacing Volkswagen vans), according to recent reports.

Production has now been raised to 5,000 vehicles a year, with the possibility being there to add a second shift.

Interestingly, the approach was taken because “conventional vehicle makers turned down requests to build the electric vans in what are limited numbers by their standards.”

Perhaps more interestingly, though, Volkswagen Group is apparently upset “beyond measure.”

As Deutsche Post board member Juergen Gerdes put it, in an interview with Reuters: “It did not cost billions to develop and produce. You will not believe how cheap it is to make.”

Notably, the company was pragmatic about the vehicle, and focused on the important qualities needed in a delivery van, rather than on marketing fluff.

The vans were designed to last at least 16 years, and to work 10-hour shifts 6 days a week.