Did Conservatives orchestrate the letter?

How the Conservatives orchestrated the letter from business leaders – and got it wrong. Rather than pretending they had little or no involvement in the latest letter to the Telegraph, the Tories left whopping great paw marks all over it, according to The Guardian – here.

and wrote Monday 27 April 2015, the latest letter, orchestrated by entrepreneur Karren Brady and signed by 5,000 business owners, published by the Daily Telegraph left whopping great paw marks all over the letter , which warns that a change of government would be “far too risky” for business.

A company executive has now withdrawn from the letter signed by more than 5,000 small business leaders in support of the Conservative party. Aurum Solutions, a technology company, tweeted on Monday morning that its sales director did not sign the letter and wanted to be removed.

The chief executive of the drugs giant AstraZeneca and the newly appointed chief executive of Ladbrokes also distanced their companies from the letter.


Now, I am not looking for stories to knock the Tories. On the contrary, I have already said how I dislike negative campaigning ‘tired-of-election-politics’ – but that does not exclude scrutiny and matters of integrity.

Having expressed my concern about Labour policy on house rental and home buying policies the above article deals with lack of integrity and, perhaps, dishonesty; if you want people like me to vote you need to treat me like a thinking intelligent and caring voter.

I accept that parties make mistakes and sometimes have to change policy when good intentions come up against reality but this story so saddens me. Can it really be true?