Community Band Rehearsal

I managed to get to my first Comunity Band rehearsal for the year on Sunday at The Downs school in Colwall. I was intended to take first seat when we formed the band but as others seemed anxious to try a first so, to keep the section balanced, I moved to second and let Georgia take mine; she is clearly tallented and, at 12, is at least as capable as me, if not more so.

But when I arrive this week one of those keen to be first clarinet had decided to change to bass clari so it will be back to my old seat next rehearsal.

2015Feb-CommunityBandRehearsalEdited250I like this band.
It is not so demanding the Concert Band but, given that the skill range is grades 3-6, I have a sufficiently interesting part with 1st seat to demand my full attention and practice.

That means it will be Georgia and me on first, a nice couple of young musicians on second and, behind them we appear to have a growing corp of thirds. The clarinet section is coming together.

The whole band is a mix of experienced musicians and a growing number of young players and gradually, under the direction of James Topp, it is coming along amd improving each rehearsal; the band plays it’s first concert in April.