Chargemaster announces new membership scheme + perks

Chargemaster announces new membership scheme with low-cost tariff and free loan of BMW i8 and Tesla models

Chargemaster, the largest operator of electric vehicle charging points in the UK, has confirmed a new subscription scheme called POLAR Plus, which will also offer members the chance to borrow the latest luxury electric cars.

The expanding POLAR London and POLAR national network of over 4,000 charging points will be available to any electric motorist for a monthly subscription of just £7.85 – similar to popular streaming services Netflix or Amazon Instant – and the first six months’ subscription is free.

Over 80% of the POLAR Plus charging points are free to use, with remaining points charged at the equivalent of 9p per unit of electricity* – typically less than the cost of charging at home.

If you drive a car more than 350 miles a month relying upon public charging this could be good for you.

A pay-as-you-go instant access rate will also be available for non-members. These new tariffs make a significant difference for EV drivers especially on rapid chargers where members can charge an electric car to 80% capacity in around 20 minutes in all POLAR rapid locations at a cost of about £2 when previously it would cost around £6.

A key feature of the membership scheme is the opportunity to borrow, for one week, a selection of the latest electric cars, with members accruing usage points.

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