Cars will charge as they park – wireless?

Wireless charging for electric cars inches closer to reality as Qualcomm continues to license its Halo inductive charging technology

Wireless charging could be a big breakthrough for electric vehicles, allowing drivers to top up their car’s batteries just by parking in the right spot. Qualcomm, which has fitted its Halo system of inductive chargers to Formula E course cars and other test vehicles, has announced a new deal with Swiss electric car parts2015WirelessCharging maker Brusa, allowing the firm to develop, manufacture, and supply its Halo charging plates to other companies

There is already “Plugless” wireless charging for home use in the USA where the car automatically connects to the power supply, when you arrive, and starts to re-charge.

This is now just a case of watch this space; driving around with the electric car self charging as you go. And never that tedium of having to go to a petrol station, reful and get smelly, wasting time to fill up.

When streets have this facility it will not matter that the car has a very long range; it will be like your iPhone charging as you use it.