Railway Modelling Ideas

A collection of ideas to model wonderfully on a budget with things around us or low cost bits and pieces. Modelling can be so expensive if you have to buy all the finished product – and modelling from scratch is more fun as well.

The world is full of stuff to pick up and keep for inspiration like the coffee stirrers in McDonald’s – keep them and collect and soon you have wood strips for so many uses – all free

Image may contain: candlesRichard Lyons I made my own oil tanks for my oil refinery.
I used end caps

Martin Bennett Looks great, I put 2 lines of pop rivits to make it look nice -filled the rivits with solder and sanded down.


2 No automatic alt text available.Kevin Harper

I made mine from dog food tins and Pringle crisp tubs.  

The lights are made from bendy straws