Aston Martin and its Rapide EV

Could 007’s next ride be stealthy quiet? Aston Martin is mulling it’s 1,000-hp Rapide EV!

At the 2015 Geneva Motor Show, Aston Martin shocked the world by debuting the DBX, the brand’s first all-electric vehicle and its first crossover. It turns out the concept wasn’t just an engineering experiment, as a new report shines some light on the car maker’s EV future.

Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer said his company has approved a technical study for an electric Rapide, partly to conform with emissions regulations that grow stronger each year.

“From the compliance perspective, if we as a sports car company want to continue to make V12s — I’d hate to be the guy that killed the Aston V12 — then we can make the V12 itself meet the emissions requirement,” Palmer said, “but you can’t expect your fleet average be very good.”

“So if you’re going to make your fleet average really good, you have to have a low or zero-emissions car.”

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