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Don’t yFotolia_BlogMouse)nGreenou find yourself coming across things most days where you would like to comment – even just a few lines of text or muttered response to something?

That’s what this is – responses to events, current topics, rants, etc.

EU- Decision Time
EUI have to think, if I make a decision I need to know that it is a good one and can be reasonably certain of the outcome.
Leaving the EU now is so full of uncertainties and potential risks that it seems to me to make no sense.
If we leave there is no way back.
As for deals –
– if I walk out on my friends and then go to them for a deal to do business I don’t expect they will want to give me the best they can – and certainly not as good as it was when we were good friends.
Yes, we will be more free to make our own rules and be jingoistic – we won’t have Scotland with us any more – so we will be free to be little Englanders with an island to manage that will mean little to the rest of the world.

Is this the real start of scares over technological advance.
Until fairly recently we have been able to keep up with developments and handle problems as they arise, even though some have been expensive.
For example, Nissan have programmed the door key mechanism so that the door only receives the instruction to release the lock when I stand near enough. There is a gadget that enables crooks to sit a distance away and grab the fob code so that it can be used to open the car once the drive has laft the car park.
But technology is moving so fast now, with developments on top of developments, that I fear for us being in a state where we are out of control.
This is a fairly small example; did anyone ever think about consequences?
Is it no obvious that if I can take my card to a machine then the reverse must be possible?

The greed escalates.
How much longer do we need to watch house prices pushed up as investment-greedy people grab properties without regard for their home value but just as a way to make money – at the expense of genuine home owning?
If this is to beat the 3% extra tax on second home and BTL buying then hopefully this market distortion will slow; but I fear not, for as prices continue to rise people will jump in to buy to capitalise.
When, oh when, will our country get serious about building enough homes for all and stop this madness?

We all understand issues of identity theft so why would I want to give such personal data for a purpose that doesn’t need it?
I can remember persoanl info to identify me and I have to accept that; the one security benefit of this is that it doesn’t have to be specific to my persona and I can change it.
But once an organisation has my finger print and voice recorded together where will it go from there.
Banks are good at being hacked – where is my [very] personal security?
It seems I have to give such data for my passport but for my banking – NO!!!

HSBC is launching voice recognition and touch security services in the UK in a big leap towards the introduction of biometric banking.

The bank says its internet banking customers will no longer have to remember a password or memorable places and dates to access accounts.

HSBC offers voice and fingerprint ID system to customers – BBC News

The Norwegian Public Roads Agency has been interested in energy use within the social sector for years. The great project of the future is construction of the ‘ferry-free’ E39 motorway  . . . it will be possible to integrate solar panels and wind turbines into the constructions, and extract energy from the currents and waves in the water below. The story is here  16 Nov 2015

A Conservative MP suggested this week that the hedgehog should be adopted as the UK’s national symbol. HhogHowever the environment minister, Rory Stewart, said this would be a bad idea.
Amongst other things, the minister also pointed out that the hedgehog rolled into a ball at the first sign of trouble.
Ahhh!    13 Nov 2015


Demography is aging yet youth appears to be leading change. Not only the massive support for Mr Corbyn but now we learn that 81% young people say their first car will be electric. All for the good!         21 Oct 2015

Whilst I have never voted Labour (nor Tory since I was a more innocent teenager many decades past, seeing it as a dating club), I am finding what Mr Corbyn says very attractive and I can see why so many younger people are following.
And we really do need to have the younger voters engaged.
If the leadership vote was infiltrated by those who thought that getting him elected would be good for right wing politics, might this just be the biggest political gaff in history?
Will the Scots return to his party?
Politics is becoming increasingly interesting and I am finding it exciting. I will remain a LibDem member as I have for a very long time where I also see a strong resurgence in membership, but Ic can see the Corbyn attraction.
The last election produced the wrong outcome based on share of total vote contorted by irrational fears of UKIP who would be better just ignored.    30 Sep 2015

I guess the obvious first comment is about the appalling actions of VW [including Audi, Seat and Skoda as well as VW commercial vehicles].
I am committed, as you will already see, to electric zero emmissions so whilstI would prefer there to be no ICE* cars on the roads but the idea that such corrup actions to be taken by a major car manufacturer to kid us is so appalling.
Time to really think electric now – they are rapidly developing into mainstream vehicles.
*ICE – how EV [Electric Vehicle] drivers refer to cars with Internal Combustion Engines.     29 Sep 2015