Another Step Along the Garden Way

GatewayfrontOK, so I have almost completed the new fence and gateway. It has to be painted but the
filler I am using is taking a long time to set and I can’t paint over that until it is firm.

The timber is treated to inhibit rot but that also tends to cause some distortions in planks; it is also rough timber so finishing is an important task.

This is the progression from first digging out the old hedge last Friday, gate installed Saturday and all tidied to this stage this morning.

The hedge was 7ft high the day before so it was helpful to cut it down to a manageably size before removing roots with spade and pick axe.
From the driveway at the front …
And from theGatewayfromrear2
back garden . . .






Next step was to erect and fix posts in place.

Everything depends upon these being right. Holes dug and filled with PostCrete got this done

Lots of sawing – I used a hand saw.

I have good electric tools but I decided that the varying timbers and lengths would be just as easy hand cut – and good for building muscle in my arms and shoulders = lot’s of aches!!

So here is where I am now –



That long horizontal bar beneath the new gate marks the underside of the decking that will fit into this corner and run back alongside the house.








Now for lunch.