Ecotricity 2030 Vision for a Green Britain

This came out in an e-mail – do read it:ecotricity_transformer_people_powerWe’ve just launched our 2030 Vision for a Green Britain.
It’s partly a manifesto and partly a vision of the kind of Britain we think we should be living in by 2030, outlining key policies that will get us there, and calling on the next government to think bigger on the green economy.

Backed by in-depth research from leading independent consultancy Cambridge Econometrics, who modelled the economic impacts of a future Green Britain – the document outlines what Britain would be like in 2030 if we adopt ambitious targets for emissions reduction, renewables and electric cars – and outlines how we can get there.

The modelling by Cambridge Econometrics revealed a surprising degree of economic as well as environmental benefit to Britain and British industry, including up to £5bn increase in GDP by adopting electric cars, a saving of almost £8bn on Britain’s annual oil import bill, and £1.25bn in health and environmental benefits.

Ecotricity’s vision outlines the key policy steps which could get us there, including:

• Creating a Minister for Carbon – to set carbon limits across all sectors of the economy

• Ensuring Britain’s power generation is 80% renewable by 2030 – saving £11.7bn in fossil fuel costs

• Implementing ‘Quantitative Greening’ – deploying quantitative easing by the Bank of England directly into the renewables sector

• Ending fossil fuel subsidies – all government support for fossil fuels cut off by 2025

 Increasing support for electric cars – including scrapping VAT, helping to ensure all new cars are electric by 2030

Watch Dale talking to Guardian journalist Polly Toynbee about our 2030 Vision for a Green Britain and read the full report here.